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Shared Housing Application














Aronica House Foundation requires random urinalysis tests in the house and as a condition to entry to the house and remaining in the program. We do not require access to medical information, unless there is an emergency in the house, Or you are on medication prescribed by a physician or on a medically assisted treatment for addiction. Please initial where indicated.

1.1 Consent to Procedures: To arrange for and consent for urinalysis.

1.2 Access to Medical Records and Other Personal Information: The Client hereby allows physicians and psychiatrists who have treated the Client, and all other providers of health care, including hospitals, to release to the Aronica House Foundation information needed for medically assisted treatment as needed for supportive housing. With respect to the Aronica House Foundation only, the Client hereby waives all privileges attached to the physician patient relationship and to any communication, verbal or written, arising out of such a relationship. The Aronica House Foundation is authorized to request, receive and review any information, verbal or written, pertaining to the Client’s physical or mental health, including medical and hospital records, and to execute any releases, waivers or other documents that may be required in order to obtain such information, and to disclose such information to such persons, organizations and health care providers as the Aronica House Foundation may designate.



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